Poetry Out Loud

Poetry out loud has impacted the lives of many students, nationwide. The competition is based on a student’s ability to memorize a poem and recite it with feeling and understanding. Founded in 2005, this competition has been helping students with speaking skills and confidence ever since. Students compete within their classes, then their schools, and continue to regionals, states, and finally nationals, which is held in Washington, D.C. The students who make it to regionals and nationals have a trip to D.C along with other benefits for the reading departments within their schools. The students that do well in this competition have consecutively chosen poems that interest them or they can relate to their meaning.

“I choose to do Bleeding Heart because I really liked the meaning and it was a lot of emotions expressed throughout the poem.” freshmen Irtiza Faruque said. Faruque is representing Lake Braddock in the regional competition on Jan 27. “I will be performing Bleeding Heart and also a poem called I’m Offering This Poem, it is quite different from the other poem because it allows you to express happy emotion.” Faruque said. Many other students entered the competition through peer recommendation or teacher involvement.

“I started Poetry Out Loud in my English class last year where we were asked to pick a poem, decipher it, and memorize it and then perform it for the class.” junior Beatrice Thurgood said. “You’re taking a poem, stripping down the symbolism to make it vulnerable and totally clear to figure out what it really means.” Poetry Out Loud was first introduced in seventh grade English classes and then further explored and encouraged in high school.

“I learned about Poetry Out Loud because I needed paper for a project and a teacher told me that the only way I would get it was if I competed in the competition.” senior Issa Hosein said. “My theatre background helped because I know how to deliver a piece and how to work the environment. Anyone can really do Poetry Out Loud, it’s more about the poem you choose and how it affects you.”