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The Bear Facts

Raising the Bar for Fast Food

Raising the Bar for Fast Food

Julia Key, Staff Editor March 1, 2023
Trying Raising Cane’s for the first time
Jumping for Joe’s

Jumping for Joe’s

Julia Key, Staff Editor February 16, 2023

Like during most holiday seasons, Trader Joe's released new items for that post-holiday season and pre-valentines day part of the year. I tried some of the most popular unique sweets right now to see if...

Shatter Me Review

Hayden Mecholsky, Staff Writer February 16, 2023

I heard about the Shatter Me series on TikTok. The cover art was the first thing that grabbed my attention. Upon reading the back, and some reviews, I saw it was a dystopian fiction. I don’t normally...

Romance Book Reviews

Claire Holliday, Staff Writer February 10, 2023

Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter Liz Baubaum has despised Wes Bennett since they were kids. How could she not after he put a frog in her Barbie Dreamhouse and severed her garden gnome’s head off?...

Hallmark Holiday

Staff Editors February 10, 2023

 With Valentine's day rolling around, it's hard to ignore the plethora of hearts in every store. The dollar section of Target is filled with little gifts that you could give.  However almost none of...

Just Say Bruin

Sophia Healey, Editor January 23, 2023

 In 1972, Title IX of the Educational Amendment passed in congress and prohibited discrimination based on sex in any school that receives federal money. Since then, female students throughout the country...

Buying Service Hours

Sophia Healey, Staff Editor January 23, 2023

Positive Clubs and honor societies such as NHS and Key club set a high requirement for service hours, and many prohibit “double dipping” or using the hours for more than one club. These strict guidelines...

Is “Hustle Culture” Toxic?

Erina Haque, Staff Writer January 23, 2023

In our society today, we see a massive emphasis placed on self improvement. Social media has been plastered with posts on workout goals, academic advice, and posed photos glamourizing a standard of unrealistic...

Slam Dunkin Donuts

Andrew Brennan - Staff Writer February 5, 2021

On Saturday, December 5th, I drove to my local Dunkin Donuts on a mission to get one thing- Donuts, and a lot of them.    Once I got to the Dunkin Donuts counter, I saw a donut I’ve never...

What Students Who Can’t Vote Want to Tell Students Who Can

Sydney Dondes, Editor-in-Chief November 2, 2020

  Every single high school student will be old enough to vote in 2024. But, as of now, only a handful of current high school students are able to vote. Much like in 2016, many fear the upcoming...

How Nice is Pumpkin Spice?

How Nice is Pumpkin Spice?

Hye Pang - Editor in Chief and Denali Duffy - Staff Writer October 30, 2020

Cafes and grocery stores are reintroducing pumpkin spiced treats at their locations this fall to welcome the autumn season. We’ve judged six pumpkin snacks with careful consideration and gave each one...

A first look at what socially distanced classrooms could look like. Photo courtesy of FCPS.

Socially Distanced Classrooms Miss the Mark

Dominic LaNave, Copy Editor May 27, 2020

This story was last updated on May 28. On Monday, May 18, Fairfax County Public Schools released a 47-page document titled “Returning to School: Options and Considerations for Summer and Fall 2020.”...

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