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What’s the Story Behind People’s Art?

A profile of artist Kat Brill

In a gym that has been transformed into a hall of beautiful art, representing different people, causes, and aspirations, a young woman sits in front of her own masterpieces. The detailed and intricate drawings peek out of their shadows, showing different types of people in various poses. Color pops out of portraits and landscapes. The gallery itself is decorated with flowers, frames, and art utensils. 

The young woman is Kat Brill, 11, and she is one of the many passionate art students who came to present her art during the Art Show on April 12th. Each of her pieces represents a different part of her journey in art that has grown and evolved to the present day. 

“In general, my work for this year has been centered around healing and involving nature in that process. It’s kind of just a display of all the work I’ve done over previous years and current years and my growth,” Brill said. 

Ever since childhood, Brill has loved all kinds of art. Creating her own versions and styles of beautiful pictures interested her greatly. Making art that clearly portrays the human heart is her biggest goal.

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Her future profession was one of the driving forces ushering her desire to be part of this year’s art show. 

“I want to do art professionally or be an art teacher. So getting used to showcasing yours was a big part of it,” Brill said.  

Although Brill genuinely loves art, she still had to invest lots of time and energy in order to make her masterpieces. 

“The work in total for each piece took from either one hour to maybe over 48. It pretty much depends on which piece,” Brill said when asked the duration of time it took to complete her artwork. Her and the many students’ dedication to art is one of the many things that makes their art so significant. 

For Brill, doing art is not only a matter of visuals and different techniques. It opens the door to a vast community of people who love expressing themselves through their work, and learning how to do so best from others. 

“I enjoy stuff like this. I enjoy being part of communities and getting to see other artists and work with other artists. It’s really fun and nice for me,” Brill said. 

In the future, Brill plans to incorporate more styles into her art, such as including more paintings. Her genres will stay the same; art representing nature, animals, and people. She would also like to express herself in the child-like structures she used in her past to rekindle her style in a new light. 

“I think it’s important for students to showcase their creativity in art because there are a lot of different perspectives, and people have a lot of creative freedom allowing them and others to learn a lot of things from art,” said Haven Galloway, 10, who is also an art student that attended the art show. 

Along with her was Victoria Simmons, 10, who expressed similar sentiments about the importance of art in school. 

“I think that it is important for students to showcase art because it is a great way to express yourself in ways that show who you are inside,” Simmons said.

Kat Brill, and many art students like her, are transforming the way people see the world through their craftsmanship. And with time, dedication, and passion for what they do, they can create new artistic worlds that will amaze people for years to come.

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