A Multitude of Mediums

The annual art shows emerges from under the sea

      The annual art show took place on April 12 during the school day and after school. The last one was in 2019, before covid. Because of the break, this years show showcased art from many years. The gym was full of different stands by art students, and the pyramid art show with elementary students’ work showcased. 

      “The work is a compilation of all my work from high school.” said Siobhan Thiede. “I like to show off what I’ve been doing in both class and at home. Art is something that is supposed to be showcased, and this [show] is a great opportunity.”

      One wall had lots of graffiti style name plates. They were done by students during their art period. The students were able to choose what colors to make their pieces

      Samantha Posednik and Ethan Luu brought a couch to the show. “We thought it would look cool with our art as the backdrop,” Posednik said. 

      Rand Alattar has worked with many different mediums such as crochet, ceramics and paint. “Crocheting is fun because you can try a lot of different patterns and make many things,” Alattar said.