Josephine Ha, Girls Varsity Tennis

Josephine Ha returns a serve at the match against West Potomac. Photo courtesy of Khoi Truong


      Practices, scrimmages, matches, finals, sunburns, hard work, and a plethora of tennis balls. Led by Coach Maxwell and Assistant Coach Truong, the girls varsity tennis team is back once again with an exciting but demanding season.

      Among the team is sophomore Josephine Ha, a talented player and well-regarded by her teammates. Ha has been playing for 5-6 years, and constantly looking to improve her performance during matches, specifically her serves and volleys. 

      “I first started playing tennis with my brother, and we both took lessons over time. I’d say that I didn’t really have an interest in tennis when I was younger,” Ha admitted, “but I began to enjoy it as I went into high school.”

      In the match against West Potomac on April 11, the tennis team emerged victorious with a score of 6-3. Ha called the match one of the most memorable: “me and my doubles partner, Olivia, were down a few games, but we managed to bring it back and win with a tiebreak.” If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend, visit the Lake Braddock website for information on upcoming matches and events ( 

      Although Ha has undeniable skill, it’s taken time and perseverance through trial and error. One challenge in particular that she recalled is the match against Alexandria City. Ha said, “When we played… I kept hitting my balls out [of the court] which cost me a few games. But after talking with Coach Truong, our assistant coach, he made me regain confidence and I managed to win in the end.”

      As demonstrated by Ha, tennis is a game not only of physical strength, but mental strength in the face of challenges like these. Perfect footwork and serves can win the match, but it is resilience that wins the game. “Playing tennis allowed me to realize that mistakes are ok and that I can learn from them,” Ha says. “The girls on the team are so sweet and funny, it just makes the whole experience better.”