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The Bear Facts

The Wonderful World of Mirabal

The Wonderful World of Mirabal

Dylan Meyer, Editor May 4, 2023

    For 33 years, Mr. Mirabal has led Lake Braddock’s theater production here at Lake Braddock. Throughout this time, he has run hit productions from Into the Woods to Ragtime, to the most recent production...

Month of the Military Child

Erina Haque, Staff Writer April 26, 2023

Henry Baldwin My dad works active duty in the Air Force. Growing up with military parents is really no different than having civilian parents. The only catch is that they go away for a week or two....

The Bruin leading the hypesquad in a cheer after the football team scored a touchdown again the Annandale Atoms.

Under the Mask

Julia Key, Staff Editor January 23, 2023

Q: How did you get selected to be the mascot? A: “I first found out about it on Schoology, Ms. Prichett posted an announcement about auditions, and then I just went to the audition and had my own choreographed...

Hill on Capitol Hill

Sydney Dondes, Editor-in-Chief March 17, 2021

“The Capitol building has just been raided and I have to sit down and do my statistics homework,” senior Sonya Hill said with a slight laugh. However, this laugh wasn’t one of joy: it was of sheer...

Payton Mormeier: Inside The Life Of A Teenage Musical Influencer

Morgan Ahlstrom - Editor March 5, 2021

*Headliners in Education is a non profit organization that helps engage high school journalists all over the country by connecting them with people who have a story to tell. Thanks to them Morgan Ahlstrom...

The Many Faces of Mr. Henrich

Nathalie Vadnais, Staff Writer May 1, 2017

Michael Henrich is a history teacher at LB who teaches five class periods, coaches the golf team and is the sponsor of the paintball interest club, although he has been especially busy this year since...

Wrestling Her Way to Victory

Ben Turner, Profile Editor March 28, 2017

Along with football, varsity wrestling has the most extreme male to female player ratio. Very rarely do girls try out for wrestling, let alone join the team. However, sophomore Samantha Kandle not only...

Chill Teachers

Ben Turner and Claire Hollinger, Profile Editor and Staff Writer March 3, 2017

Teachers are, of course, the most important part of any class. A good teacher can not only convey information, but instill interest and curiosity in their students. In other words, the teacher can make...

Karl Kerns Sets Vision for LB

Karl Kerns Sets Vision for LB

Daniel Dodson, Senior Writer March 3, 2017

Lake Braddock’s new Director of Student Activities or DSA, Karl Kerns, has set forth his vision and hopes for the student activities/athletics department in an exclusive interview with the Bear Facts....

Creative Writing

Ben Turner, Profile Editor February 8, 2017

Creative Writing is one of the most vied-for classes in all of Lake Braddock. After taking it, many students interested in writing move on to Advanced Composition. However, Advanced Composition is no longer...

Clean Cuts Lawn Care

Nathalie Vadnais, Staff Writer February 3, 2017

Most high schoolers ask their parents when they need small amounts of cash, but junior Raj Aberle drifted away from the crowd and found his own means of income. Aberle went to his neighbor’s house,...

Rose Bud of Tarnina

Ben Turner, Profile Editor January 30, 2017

The most responsible of high school students have summer jobs that require applications and time commitments. Very few can claim to have an adult job. Junior Mary Kate Brox, however, can truthfully say...

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