Chorus perspective of “Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo

Students voice their opinions on the song that broke the charts.

Olivia Rodrigo, 18 years old, born February 20 is known for her roles on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark and the Disney+ series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Rodrigo released a single “drivers licenses’’  back in January 8 2021. This song is a huge hit among Chorus members and other students . 


During the month of January, Rodrigo, released a single that caught the attention of many teenagers. It was on many social media platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram etc., as it seemed to be a relatable song to many teenagers. 


“I was definitely overwhelmed hearing this song at first,” chorus student Priscilla Augment said.


This song has many different public opinions. Some chorus members rather listen to other music and aren’t too acquainted with the song’s genre and the drama surrounding it.


 “I don’t really know or remember it sounds familiar though,” chorus student Joseph Guillen said.


What makes her new single astounding is her lyrics. When Rodrigo is singing you can endure her lyrics. The way her voice gets louder and softer gives her audience chills down their Spine.


“The lyric that stood out to me the most was ‘now I drive alone past your street’ because that was probably the only part that I related to, and it’s a very simple idea to relate to,” Cail Dudek said. 


Rodrigo has been super successful after releasing this song. Many people were hyping over “Drivers license”.  It was number 1 on the streaming charts for 3 days in a row. Rodrigo Couldn’t thank people enough for all the support and love she was getting after this song was released.


“100 percent this song is extremely relatable with these lyrics. It goes for anything really, whether it being a relationship or friendship. You spend so much time with one person and when they are gone, you see them and question how are they so happy when you’re still hurting and trying to recover,”  Augment said.


Olivia is an impressive soprano pop singer. Her high pitched voice that hits all the right notes can be difficult to reach for various chorus students who are alto singers.


“I’m an alto and Olivia is a soprano, so I cannot hit a lot of her notes in the song,” Dudek said


Rodrigo has released numerous popular songs such as “All I Want”, “Breaking Free” “ I Think I Kinda, You Know” as well as many additional singles. Nothing can beat the astounding single 

Her audience can’t ignore the drama surrounding this dazzling song. The entire song was suspected to be about singer Joshua Bassett breaking Olivia Rodrigo’s heart to be with pop singer Sabrina Carpenter. In Rodrigo’s song, Carpenter is known as “that blonde girl”. 


“It’s honestly crazy!,  hilarious and petty but it got me very invested”   Augment said.


Later on Carpenter released a single called “Skin”, in which some of the lyrics seemed to be intently focused on Rodrigo. Later on Carpenter confirmed that she was talking about people in her life, not just Rodrigo


“I personally was never a big fan of Sabrina Carpenter’s music, so I don’t like it. It does have a lot of phrases making people think it’s a ‘comeback song’ but I don’t think so. It’s just misunderstood. She was just trying to get back at all the hate she was getting from the public,” Dudek said


Nonetheless, Rodrigo has gained a lot of recognition through her song and has built up her fame to another level.