Romance Book Reviews

What to read this valentines day

Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter

Liz Baubaum has despised Wes Bennett since they were kids. How could she not after he put a frog in her Barbie Dreamhouse and severed her garden gnome’s head off? Fast forward 10 years later, its senior year and Liz has some big dreams she needs to accomplish, and she needs Wes’ help. As luck would have it, her childhood crush has moved back to town and she needs Wes to get him to ask her to Prom. He’s her in to finally fulfilling her childhood dreams and getting a movie like happily ever after. But when she begins to realize she likes spending time with Wes, her plans become more complicated as feelings grow. Will Liz figure her feelings out and get her happily ever after? Or will she realize things when its too late?

Today, Tonight, Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Rowan Roth and Neil McNair have been academic rivals since the first day of ninth grade. Now, its the end of senior year and their ultimate, final battle for valedictorian has ended with Neil being named valedictorian. But Rowan’s not giving up yet. With the final chance to best him, Rowan decides to best him in the senior game, Howl. Soon after it begins, though, they both are forced to work together, until they’re the last players left, when they find out a group of seniors is after them. As she spends more time with him, though, Rowan begins to realize there’s more to Neil then his annoying, nerd self she’s spent the past four years hating.


Counting Down With You  by Tashie Bhuiyan 

Karina Ahmed follows the rules. She does all of her homework, listens to her parents, and is on track to go into Pre-Med in two years. But when her parents leave for a month-long trip to Bangladesh and she hopes to finally be able to relax, everything begins to unravel all because of one man: Ace Clyde. Tutoring him is one thing. But agreeing to be his fake girlfriend is crossing a whole other line. As the days tick down, Karina starts to view their time together as something she looks forward to rather than something to get out of but with time running out and her parents impending return growing closer each day she questions how she’s going to ever go back to how it was before… or if she wants to?

Heartstopper: Vol 1 by Alice Oseman

When Charlie Spring, an incredibly anxious and shy Year 10 student at Truman Grammar School for Boys, is sat next to Nick Nelson, a Year 11 kind-hearted rugby player, the two form a quick and caring friendship. Having heard about Charlie being outed last year, Nick finds there’s much more to him then what he’s heard and Charlie finds himself falling for Nick as their friendship grows. But Charlie doesn’t think he has a chance with him…or does he?