Raising the Bar for Fast Food


Recently, Raising Canes, a restaurant that previously only had locations in the South and the West, opened a location in Dulles. Obviously if the chain was expanding, the food had to be good, so I decided to see if the hype was worth the 25 minute drive.

For being a fast food restaurant, the interior and decor was nicer than any Chick-Fil-A or McDonalds I had ever been to. Within a few minutes of ordering, the food was warm and ready. 

My favorite shape of French fries are crinkle cut and I have never had better crinkle cut fries than the ones at Canes. The fried chicken also exceeded my expectations and is better than any other fast food fried chicken I have ever had. The toast balanced the meal because it wasn’t as salty and heavy as the chicken and the fries. I even traded the drink that came as a part of my meal for another piece of toast. 

Cane’s is well known for their signature Cane’s sauce made mainly from ketchup and mayonnaise and I couldn’t quite tell if it was more sweet or savory but I did not like it and felt like the sauce dampened the flavor of the fries.

Surprisingly the ketchup was sweet and offset the salty food perfectly. 

The best part was how I got the entire chicken tenders, drink, fries and toast meal for $10.