Under the Mask

Getting to know all about the anonymous mascot


The Bruin leading the hypesquad in a cheer after the football team scored a touchdown again the Annandale Atoms.

Q: How did you get selected to be the mascot?
A: “I first found out about it on Schoology, Ms. Prichett posted an announcement about auditions, and then I just went to the audition and had my own choreographed dance and was selected shortly after.”

Q: What inspired you to be the mascot?
A: “I just wanted to try something different that I don’t normally do; I was just curious what it was like and how it felt.”

Q: What are your responsibilities as the mascot?
A: “My responsibilities as the mascot are to go and cheer on different sports teams and attend the different school events.”

Q: What is your favorite part of being the mascot?
A: “The best part is just seeing people’s reactions. The smile and the pure joy people have when they see me as the mascot is indescribable.”

Q: Do you do anything special to prepare for games?
A: “Not specifically; I’ll sometimes blast music for a couple of minutes to prepare myself.”

Q: Have you ever had any unusual interactions with students from our school or other schools?
A: “Yes, actually, one time I was in a hallway, and some students jumped on me, but luckily some administrators were nearby, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.”

Q: What games or events do you attend as the Bruin mascot?
A: “I’ll go to the pep rallies, different senior nights, and other events like that.”

Q: Would you want to continue being a mascot in college?
A: “I’m honestly not sure. I think if [a college] gave me a scholarship, I’d love to, or a discount on tuition.”

Q: Do you plan to reveal your identity at the end of the school year?
A: “Yes, I plan to reveal it in a cool way. Hopefully, I’m not really sure what exactly yet.”

Q: Does the costume smell?
A: “The costume smells disgusting; it smells like sweat, and wearing it is such an experience.”

Q: What is your most asked question by people who know your identity?
A: “People I’ve told always ask me how I got the role of the mascot.”

Q: Is it hard to see while in the mascot costume?
A: “It’s definitely hard to see in the suit. It gets better with time, but I have a very tiny window where I can see anything, so I have to rely on my other senses to guide me.”

Q: What is the worst part about being in the mascot costume?
A: “The suit can get very hot very quickly, and usually when I’m wearing it, I’m sweating a lot, and when I take it off eventually, I’m usually soaked in sweat, and I have the weird musk of the suit.”

Q: Has anyone ever tried to take the costume off you and reveal your identity?
A: “The hype squad has pulled my hands before and one time tried to get my head off before. One time they almost got my head off.”