Stranger Things Showcase

As soon as season one of “Stranger Things” came out on Netflix, everyone fell in love with Eggos-loving Eleven, so no shock came when it was announced that there was going to be a second season.

The show is set to release on October 27, four days earlier than it was originally planned for.

The trailer debuted in February and reveals multiple things about the upcoming season. We see a sketch of the new monster, which looks bigger and darker than ever. This trailer also has an extremely quick shot of Eleven, confirming that she will be back in the show.

In the second trailer released at Comic-Con, we see more about Will not being able to return to his normal life, and his struggle with visions of a monster in the sky. There’s also more about a new character, Max (Sadie Sink) who seemingly befriends the classic gang. This is all accompanied with more footage of Eleven, showing her putting her hand through a portal, hinting that she might be caught in the Upside Down.

The new episode titles were released with the first trailer: MadMax, The Boy Who Came Back to Life, The Pumpkin Patch, The Palace, The Storm, The Pollywog, The Secret Cabin, The Brain, and The Lost Brother. That’s a total of 9 episodes, so one longer than last years.

Since there is a new character named Max, it is assumed she will premiere in the first episode, due to the title featuring her name. “The Boy Who Came Back to Life” was also a headline of a newspaper clipping shown in the finale of season one, and will most likely be about Will, due to his lengthy disappearance in the Upside Down where he was assumed dead.

It has also been confirmed that season two will start off a bit after where season one ended, and it will be centered mostly in the same city (Hawkins, Indiana) in 1984.

Seven new characters have been confirmed into the new cast. First is Max, previously mentioned above. Second is her step-brother, Billy (Dacre Montgomery), who will bring a bit of a “wild edge” to the town, according to Montgomery. Neil Mayfield (Will Chase) is a father to two new kids in the town, possibly Max and Billy? Fourth is the manager of the Hawkins Radioshack, Bob Newby (Sean Astin). Fifth is Dr. Owens (Paul Reiser), who is a member of the Department of Energy on a clean-up assignment in Hawkins, according to Reiser. Sixth is Roman (Linnea Berthelsen), who is more mysterious and doesn’t live in Hawkins, but still connects with the story. The last new character is Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman), a conspiracy theorist investigating a case in Hawkins.

The new season of “Stranger Things” is anticipated heavily due to how much attention and fame it garnered last year. Within the first month of its release on Netflix, it was watched by over 14.07 people aging 18-49, only being beaten by season one of “Fuller House” and season four of “Orange is the New Black.”