Clark takes over as activities director


photo by Amanda Hendrix

Activities director Mike Clark will be taking the next steps forward.

After Mark Martino retired on Dec. 29, Mike Clark took over his position as the director of student activities. He was previously the assistant director of student activities.

When Martino announced that he was going to retire at the beginning of November, many were wondering who would take over his job. Many expected that one of his assistants would take over. But the question was: Which one? Mike Clark or Bill Hughes? As the assistant, Clark had only a 10-month contract and was in charge of updating the web pages, transportation and working for the director. Now Clark will be working year-round and will be an evaluator for the teachers in the physical education department. He will sit in budget meetings and will have to sign off on athletics information as a part of his job.

“I am excited to watch the student athletes compete in contests and watching kids perform,” Clark said. “It’s not just about the sports and the athletes it is about everything: debate, one-act play, theater, all activities.”

Although he is not an LB graduate, Clark has been at LB since 1990, teaching business and math before becoming the assistant activities director and then receiving a promotion this year to become the head activities director. Clark’s presence at LB has not only been limited to athletics. He was also the class sponsor of 1999, 2001 and 2003.

“I got to plan their proms and all their fun senior class events,” Clark said.

As Clark continues his first year being the director, he hopes to make it a smooth transition for each coach by creating individual budgets. At the moment, there is one budget for all the sports teams to share, which makes it hard to figure out how much money they really have to work with.

“Its a little too early to tell, but I hope to make budgets for every sport so that each coach knows if they do too much fundraising or not enough,” Clark said.