Freshman holding his own on varsity


photo by John Lorence

Freshman Mark Schubert gets ready to pass the ball in a game on March 24 against O’Connell.

At Lake Braddock, not very many freshman make varsity sports. However, the class of 2018 has provided the school with several impressive athletes, some of whom have participated in the varsity level of their sport. On the boys’ lacrosse team, the only freshman face is Mark Schubert. He has been playing lacrosse for five years and for Virginia Lacrosse Club for two years.

“I like lacrosse because it’s really fast-paced,” Schubert said. “You’re never standing still. I play because I just love the game.”

It has been a difficult adjustment playing varsity high school lacrosse for Schubert, though.

“It’s been quite a challenge playing against a lot of upperclassmen,” Schubert said. “Compared to my club and rec teams, the pace is much faster, the players are way bigger and the talent level is much higher [in high school lacrosse].”

While it has been a difficult adjustment for Schubert, the lacrosse team seems to enjoy not only his athletic ability, but also his role as a teammate. Other members of the varsity team describe him as a driven player who knows the game and will only continue to get better as the season goes on.

“Mark is one of the most talented freshman I’ve ever played with,” junior Dillon Wells said. “He knows the game. [He’s] definitely a better player than I was as a freshman.”

When upperclassmen compared Schubert to other freshmen that are a part of the boys’ lacrosse program, it was no question that they held him in a higher respect and admired his athletic ability.

“He is another offensive weapon who can benefit us with his knowledge and stick skills,” senior Tyler Stewart said. “As a senior who has played since freshman year, I kind of see myself when I look at him. It’s a nostalgic feeling to finally be in the opposite role.”

So far this season, boys’ lacrosse is 5-3, and Schubert has had an impact on the team. He’s scored once and has two assists, in addition to taking and winning the majority of the face-offs.

Even though Schubert has only scratched the surface of his high school lacrosse career, he’s already made an impact on the team, the coaches and himself as a player.