A Day with your Gals

A day for girls to celebrate their true soulmates


Many girls in high school may tend to feel pressure to be involved in a romantic relationship, and with Valentine’s Day coming up, it is easy to focus on the desire for a boyfriend or girlfriend, but love is not limited to just romance. Galentine’s Day is the perfect holiday if you want to take part in the fun of Valentine’s Day without the romantic aspects.
“I think Galentine’s Day is great for women empowerment! It promotes many positive messages, like not needing validation from having a romantic partner and being able to love and appreciate yourself and your friends.” Madison Eismeier said. She is celebrating by giving out baked goods to express her love for her friends. “I think Galentine’s Day is very important for women to show that you don’t need someone romantic to feel loved and appreciated.” Bailey Ashcraft said.
“I’m going to have my friends over and we’re going to eat candy and do all that cheesy stuff girls do.” Bailey Ashcraft plans on celebrating this day with her best friends the girly way. “If you don’t celebrate with your friends, celebrate with yourself. Treat yourself to candy and a stuffed animal, write yourself a love note. Self love is the most powerful love and women, especially teenage girls, need to know they absolutely do not need a boyfriend to feel loved.”