Meet Ms. Lindsey Kearns

Our Acting Principal


Ms. Lindsey Kearns

Ms. Lindsey Kearns holds her newborn son, Declan. Photo Courtesy of Ms. Lindsey Kearns

Many know Ms. Lindsey Kearns as the current interim principal but beyond her job, she’s a wife and a mom to one year old child.
However, with her husband’s job requiring lots of travel, it’s difficult balancing mom life and work life all at once.
“With my husband traveling a lot for his job, more often than not, it’s just me and my son at home which can get hard but setting a routine has really helped me find balance in balancing my son, my work, and myself. I try to stay at work until 5:30, then I head home and that time between when I get home to when I put my newborn to sleep is all dedicated to him and his needs. Afterwards is when I try to do some form of self care which can range from reading a book to getting some things ready for work the next day.”
As principal, days often can’t be planned due to the unpredictability of the school day, so many days schedules are altered based on the demands of the day.
“I usually show up around 7:30 when the doors open, beginning my day by supervising security with Mr. Cabrera and then I’ll spend probably 10-15 minutes answering emails or having meetings. Then I do the morning announcements, but the rest of my day can vary depending on the day. Some days I have meetings back to back, others I spend time talking with administrators to plan upcoming weeks that might have a lot of events occurring. It all just depends on what’s needed from me that day.”
“This job can bring different needs everyday and it’s not as predictable as one may think. With a newborn, as well, the two are very similar in being able to manage new things. “
Free time is rare to find but when she’s able, Ms. Kearns loves to bake and travel.
“A lot of my interests and hobbies and what I do in my spare time involves my newborn, who turned one in November, or my Rottweiler, who turns 10 in January. When we can my husband, son, and I travel down to Texas to visit family. I grew up right outside of Houston so, we travel whenever given the chance.”
Becoming the principal of such a large school can bring pressure to make a good impression on students and staff as well as pressure to leave a strong overall legacy on the school itself.
“I want people to remember how much joy I found in doing this job and how much kindness and joy I, hopefully, portrayed to others. “
“As for the legacy I want to leave, is how my role as principal is allowing all of Bruin Nation to find joy in things associated with schools.”